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Alpaca Fibre In Every Stitch

At Herd Alpaca, we are dedicated artisans of fashion, weaving the warmth and luxury of alpaca fibre into every stitch. Our passion for crafting exquisite clothing is matched only by our love for these gentle creatures who provide us with the finest, softest fibres. As a premier provider of alpaca clothing, we take pride in creating cardigans, capes, and accessories that not only envelop you in comfort but also tell a story of sustainability and care.

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Our Commitment To Pure Alpaca Luxury

Every piece of clothing at Herd Alpaca Apparel is a masterpiece of 100% alpaca fibre. This noble fibre, sourced from our very own alpaca herd and select partner farms, ensures that our creations are not only sumptuously soft but also durable and eco-friendly. We believe in the inherent goodness of nature, and our commitment to using only alpaca fleece underscores our dedication to providing you with clothing that is both ethical and exceptional.

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Our Story

Herd Alpaca Apparel was born out of a profound connection to nature and a desire to offer an alternative to mass-produced fashion. Our journey began with a handful of alpacas on a picturesque farm, and as we nurtured our herd, we discovered the unparalleled beauty and potential of their fleece. Infused with a spirit of innovation and respect for tradition, we embarked on a path to create clothing that embodies the timeless allure of alpaca fibres.

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Bespoke Apparel

Herd’s fleeces are not dyed, and this creates two benefits – a reduction in environmental impact and a longevity of the colours. The bespoke nature of the business also ensures the exclusivity of the product. Herd will never create more than 20 items of each design. Furthermore, we will never recreate the exact same colourways year on year due to the increase of variety of animals to the herd. You can be safe in the knowledge that your Herd garment is a unique piece that can last you a lifetime.


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A Personal Connection

At Herd Alpaca Apparel, we cherish the relationships we build with our customers. We believe in fostering connections that go beyond transactions. When you shop with us, you become part of our story - a story of nature's beauty, craftmanship, and a joy of wearing something truly special. We invite you to join our herd and experience the warmth of alpaca fleece and a personal touch that defines our brand.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Warm regards,

The Herd Alpaca Team