alpaca knitwear cape worn in the sunshine

Alpacas are not just for Christmas.....

Nestled in the New Forest, I find inspiration in the everyday beauty of nature all around. The alpacas themselves are the perfect muse, their dense yet luxuriously fine fleece guiding how I envision clothing draping and falling. This is a big part of how I design. The garments need to move with you and create an elegant fluidity. I am also lucky enough to travel and explore the world outside of the New Forest. My recent visit to Venice and the Goldsmith jewellery exhibition sparked creativity for a beautiful butterfly shaped shoulder cape for the next collection. I take my alpaca knitwear pieces on my travels too, not just because I love to wear them but also to trial their durability. Fine alpaca knitwear is not just for the winter months. The capelets from the collection are particularly handy for summer travel as they are so light. Perfect for the plane, to keep the sun off in the day and the chill off in the night. Plus, they can double up as a cute little cover wrap on the beach. See, I told you…Alpacas are not just for Christmas!

Happy Summer Everyone!

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